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Wylie Mar


wylie mar

About The Artist


Wylie Mar also known as "Risa" is a Métis singer, rapper and guitarist from Vancouver Island. With her west coast feel, and velvety soulful voice; she blurs the lines of multiple genres in a smooth and intuitive way. Some of her sounds are surfy, funky, groovy, jazzy, melancholy  paired with a hip hop drum beat. Her lyrics range from telling a story to being fun, silly, and random. She tries to give each song its own identity and individuality.

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In the Summer of 2022, Wylie is set to  release her new single "Settle" followed by a 3 track EP called "Potion"

After receiving a grant from First Peoples Cultural Council she's finally able to pursue her lifelong passion. Capturing the hearts of local community members, Wylie is known for being a chameleon, backstage of festivals jamming and lyrically improvising with fellow musicians. She has had limited formal training, has always had an act for being able to quickly pick up melodies. Her love for singing and canoodling with instruments started at the age of 5 , by age 11 she was performing at local singing competitions. By 14 she started practicing free styling whenever there was someone dropping a beat.

by the age of 19 she picked up a guitar and started learning how to back herself up. By the age of 22 she had started playing locally, solo and with a band. At the age of 23 is when she started live looping. Throughout her life she has always enjoyed writing witty and meaningful poetry, and using songwriting as a way to heal. 

Although she is an emerging artist, she has played festivals such as the Wood Stove Festival, Atmosphere festival, Quadrapalooza Music Festival and has opened for the Snotty Nose Rez Kids at the Waverley in Cumberland, BC.

When she is looping, Wylie performs live samples of guitar, bass lines, and a drum pad to create a melodic, somewhat electronic sound. In the times she is performing with a band there are members playing the drums, keys, funky bass and gorgeous guitar licks. Some of her influences include, and are not limited to- Stevie Nicks, Lauryn Hill and Mac Miller



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-a liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties

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